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At TOG – The Outdoor Gear, we understand that hunting isn’t just for fun, it is an art form. Hunting isn’t just about having the right tools or skill, but about having patience – but we also know that the right tools help a lot! TOG – The Outdoor Gear bring you a wide variety Read more


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The game you are hunting may be big or small but the choice of a perfect riflescope is always a big decision. A poor quality riflescope, bad binoculars, and insufficient flashlight, that fails to provide the focus you need, can turn the joy of hunting into utter frustration. But if you choose from one of Read more


Sports Activities and Benefits

From a very young age, we’re told that sports and physical activity are great for health and are the key to living a healthy, disease-free life. As we grow older, we realize that this could not be truer! Science and medicine highlight a number of benefits of sports activities. The greatest boost physical activity gives Read more


Sizing up Your Body for the Right Backpack

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Choosing the right backpack is very important for any kind of outdoor activity that you are planning – especially a long one like extended hiking or mountaineering. Everything you need has to be on your back – and to carry everything you need the perfect backpack. But the perfect backpack isn’t the one that will Read more


The Best Motorcycle Goggles and Sunglasses – Only at TOG

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Motorcycling isn’t just a simple habit or a passing fancy, it is a passion cultivated over a lifetime of thrill seeking and adrenaline hunting. When you are on a motorcycle, speeding onwards, with the wind splashing across your face – you feel invincible. Or at least you do until your eyes start to get dry Read more


How to Select a Performance Watch

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Having a performance or sports watch on your wrist is helpful in more than just telling you what time it is. Professional sportsmen, runners, hikers, and all the people who engage in such strenuous outdoor activities, invest in good sports watches in order to keep track of their activities and also monitor the various measures Read more