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At TOG – The Outdoor Gear, we understand that hunting isn’t just for fun, it is an art form. Hunting isn’t just about having the right tools or skill, but about having patience – but we also know that the right tools help a lot!

TOG – The Outdoor Gear bring you a wide variety of hunting gear and accessories to make your hunting trip all the more fun and memorable. We have all the tools that you as a hunter would need to make sure that you get your mark.

We know that a big part of hunting is survival and we know that the right tools mean all the difference between life and death when out on a hunting expedition. This is why we make sure that the tools we pick out for you from the best brands around the globe are durable and effective.

The game you are hunting may be big or small but the choice of a perfect riflescope is always a big decision. A poor quality riflescope, that fails to provide the focus you need, can turn the joy of hunting into utter frustration. But if you choose from one of TOG’s brands, you know the riflescope that’s mounted on your rifle is never going to let you down.

A riflescope isn’t all you need, for a good and successful hunting trip you need a variety of other tools and equipment. At TOG, we have lined up all hunting equipment from world’s best hunting gear brands, so you don’t have to settle for anything less than perfect and you don’t have to depend on trial and error to find out if the tool is right for you or not. At TOG, we understand hunting and the outdoors, which is why we pick out the essentials from the best global brands.

Pack for your hunting trip in Granite Gear bags. Look for your game through Steiner binoculars, target it through Konus or ATN riflescopes and handle the aftermath with specialty knives and multipurpose tools from SOG or Gerber. And if night falls on the way, and you want to look around in the dark without alerting the surroundings, make use of the stealth that comes with ATN, Konus, Pulsarand Yukon night vision devices. Conversely, turn on your Olight, or Nitecore flashlight and light your way.

TOG brings to you all this and more as the first and biggest outdoor gear online store in the UAE!

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