How to Select a Performance Watch

Performance Watch

Having a performance or sports watch on your wrist is helpful in more than just telling you what time it is. Professional sportsmen, runners, hikers, and all the people who engage in such strenuous outdoor activities, invest in good sports watches in order to keep track of their activities and also monitor the various measures of their health. A performance watch is so much more than just a luxurious accessory; it is one of the best tools you could have to keep track of how much work you’re putting into your activities.

Buying a Performance Watch

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When buying a performance watch, you have to understand that there’s a big difference in sport watches and smart watches. Smart watches connect to an app on your phone to display all the information they gather, but sport or performance watches give you all that information on your wristwatch – which makes them a bigger favorite with runners and hikers and other sports enthusiasts. Performance watches are more accurate, more reliable, and put more features at your fingertips.

Watched with build in GPS

With all the functionality that they provide, it is a good idea to decide exactly what kind of features will be best for you before you actually purchase a performance watch. There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on the watch that you will buy. Do you want a watch that tracks your distance? Normally this is a yes for most runners and hikers, and watched with build in GPS or accelerometers can do this kind of tracking easily. Do you want your performance watch to monitor your heart rate? Professional and serious runners look for this feature which is done in two ways – either with an optical heart rate or a chest strap. Do you run outdoors or on treadmills indoors? There are different types of watches for both types of activity.

These questions only allow a basic insight into the kind of specifications you will need in your performance watch. Apart from these there are numerous other specification guaranteed to further narrow down your performance watch search until you land on the one that is perfect for you.

TOG wide range of Products provides a wide range of options for performance watches from the best brand from all over the world. Whatever specifications you’re looking for, is sure to have one that fulfils the criteria. You can find the best performance watches only at TOG – UAE’s first and only online sports store!

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