How to find the Best Tripod for DSLR

Best Tripod for DSLR

As simple as a tripod may seem, finding the best tripod can be a hard task if you are not sure what you are looking for. This is because there are so many options available in the market that one simple does not know which one to buy for their camera. This guide will help you find  the best suited tripod for your camera, moreover, this article will also help you in determining what features to look for when selecting the best kind of tripod for your camera.

First, you must know that there are multiple advantages of getting a tripod. Using a tripod increases the sharpness and depth of field in you images by keeping the camera still in low light environments when you are using slow shutter speeds. They also allow you more careful composition while framing the shot exactly how you want it to be. And they are best for landscape photography.

The factors that you should keep in mind when purchasing a tripod stand are as follows:

  1. Weight rating

The first thing that you should at when buying a tripod is that how much weight it can support. You should buy ne that supports heavy DSLRs as well this is because it would then be able to provide proper support to your DSLR and the various lenses that you use as well. Many photographers make the mistake of getting a tripod that supports only some pounds thinking that it would be enough to support their DSLR, however, when they attach a heavy lens the whole thing collapses which ultimately destroys the DSLR and the lens as well, just because they did not consider the weight of the lens when purchasing the tripod.

  1. Tripod Height

It is recommended that you buy a tripod that matches your height. The greatest advantage is that it will provide you ease of use as you will not have to bend down to look into the viewfinder. Once you put the camera on a tripod, the viewfinder should be at your eye level.

Moreover, another factor to consider is that when it is folded, it is easier to carry.

  1. Tripod Head

The most essential part of a tripod is its head, this is because it is responsible for securing your camera in position and allowing you to more the camera around. A modular tripod does not some with a head and you have to buy the head separately for it. Hence, if you have to buy the head separately look for the most suitable head. Heads come in three styles, a pin-tilt head, a ball-head, and a gimbals head.

  1. Stability

It is often a misconception that a heavy tripod would be a stable tripod. However, this is not always the case. The stability of the tripod is determined by how stable it is when it is set up in the field and it has to withstand not only wind, but also occasional bumps and knocks. Make sure that when you buy a tripod, it stables enough to hold the camera and lens properly in position.

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