4 Small Must Have Items for Outdoor Explorers

When you go out exploring the great outdoors, there are all kinds of things you need to remember to bring with you. But when it comes to the smaller and more essential items, they can be rather easy to forget. No matter if you are going for the full camping experience or a just going on a hiking excursion for the day, these are important items to have when you are finding your own path. More than having a survival kit, these small essential items are meant to protect you from ever ending up in a desperate survival situation.

  1. Flashlight

Even if you do not intend to be out after dark, or do not intend to travel at night, never go exploring without a flashlight. On longer camping and hiking trips people try to cut weight where they can, but if you do not want a flashlight taking up space in your bag, you can still have a head light. Alternatively, you can get a tactical flashlight with a belt clip.

For your average outdoors person, a basic flashlight that you find at a hardware or department store might not be enough for you. Make sure you have something with enough brightness. A great small and lightweight flashlight is the LED Maglite, which is very minute and shines like the morning sun. You never want to lose your ability to see, and if you get lost or stuck, you need to be able to signal for help.

  1. The Right Amount of Water

Water is a necessity, and you cannot forget to bring it no matter what type of trip you are taking. When you are exploring, you must bring more water than you think you need. A canteen, basic 24 oz water bottles, and short-term carries like 10 oz containers can be good for a day trip in areas you have explored before, but if you are really going off the beaten trail, you will need something more substantial.

Camelbak makes the perfect products for outdoor expeditions where you aren’t sure how long you will be traveling or where you might end up. You can get them in 70 oz containers or even 100 oz packs. You can last a lot longer without food than you can without water, and that is even truer when you have to exert yourself. Do not forget to bring enough water.

  1. Handheld GPS

A lot of people would not say that you need a handheld GPS device for hiking or camping. And this might be true for the average camper, but not for anyone who is planning on doing some actual exploring. When you go out to find new trails or take paths that divert you from the well-kept roads, there is a possibility of getting lost. Don’t put yourself at risk and take this small device with you so you don’t have to worry about becoming stranded.

As long as you know what you need in a GPS you should be able to get the right type of system for yourself. There is a range of GPS products that you can take a look at, but no matter what you end up getting it is an investment worth taking. If you know you can find your way back, it allows for a more stress-free mindset for exploring.

  1. Watertight Container

Watertight containers are a must. In this modern era, there are quite a few electronic devices that you cannot leave behind. A simple watertight container will protect these items from rain, submersion as you cross rivers or any type of minor moisture. And if you think you can leave all of your electronics in the car, I would encourage you to think again.

Even something as simple as your car keys might have electronic components. So when you get unexpectedly wet, unless you have a watertight container, you might find that you need to replace your car keys while in the middle of the wilderness. That is going to be rather difficult if you have also left your phone in your car along with the other electronics. This can create an unexpected emergency, so keep what you need or your person and keep it safe from water damage.

Final Thoughts

These four small items are by no means the only things you need when you are on your next hiking and camping trip. They are, however, the small things you should never leave behind. These four items can really save the day and keep minor mistakes from turning into life-threatening instances of outdoor survival. Don’t forget these small essential items for outdoor explorers.

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