Popular Bird Watching Binoculars

best birding binoculars uae

The binocular is the go-to optical instrument for almost every serious birder. Unmatched convenience and portability make the binocular one of the top devices accessible for spotting and identifying birds in their natural habitats. Below are some of the popular bird watching binoculars for buying:

Steiner Sagor II 8×30 Binocular

Steiner Sagor II 8x30


Steiner Sagor 2 comes with 8x magnification and objective diameter of 30mm. Uses sports-auto focus as focus system as it is waterproof too and the -30 deg to 70+ temperature range. This instrument comes with regular belt attachment, flexible eye cups, FOV at one thousand m is 120, Exit Pupil is 3.8, 108mm is the height and 486g weight.





Steiner Safari UltraSharp 10×26 Binocular

Steiner Safari UltraSharp 10x26


The Safari ultrasharp series binocular are the ones you want. Steiner globe renowned picture clarify, right color, low-light ability and field-verified toughness make sure highest performance from your optics – and more enjoyment from your pursuit of adventure. A compact sport optic that looks amazing, fits your pack, purse or pocket and is your constant companion for fast use.




Steiner Wildlife XP 8×24 Binocular

Steiner Wildlife XP 8x24



This binocular may be the little pair in the Steiner wildlife binoculars series. It anyway impresses with optical performance and wonderful clarify, making it best for outdoor adventures.

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