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Fishing is one of the most fabulous and relaxing pastimes out there. It’s a great way to relax and unwind. If you’re fishing with friends, it’s a great way to catch up with what everyone has been up to while you wait for the fish to take the bait. But you can’t go fishing without essential fishing gear – a fishing rod and the content of your tackle box. And you can find almost everything you need for a successful and fun fishing trip at TOG.

TOG – The Outdoor Gear is UAE’s first and only online store for outdoor gear and sports equipment.

TOG is the one stop solution for all your outdoor needs. Be it a camping trip, hunting expedition, or tactical excursion – TOG has all the highest quality equipment that you would need from only the best brands from all over the world.

Before you go fishing, make sure your tackle box is packed with all the essential fishing gear required – apart from the fishing rod, which is probably the most important fishing tool you’ll need. You can find a wide variety of fishing rods on TOG – with varying specification to cater to a vast array of customers. Once you have the fishing rod, you’ll need a bevy of other things. Fishing line is very important, as are fish hooks – you can’t really catch fishes without these essentials. Bobbers and sinkers are highly important as well – as the former tells you where your line is and where you’re getting the bite from and the latter ensure that your fish hook doesn’t just float on the surface. Once you have the fish in hand, you need needle nose pliers to get the hook out of the fish and line cutters to cut the line.

TOG has all the essential fishing gear that you would need. So bring out your fishing gear checklist, visit TOG’s website and start getting ready to go fishing with all the essentials just a click away. With TOG’s commitment to excellence, and their guarantee of only the best products from the best brands in the world, TOG makes sure customers are always satisfied. Get ready to go on fishing with TOG!

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