What to take Canoeing


Canoeing is a great activity. It has something to offer to everyone and everyone enjoys this activity.

Here are our take on what to take on a canoeing trip to make it more worthwhile.

  1. Choose the right kind of canoe

The type of canoe you choose depends completely on what type of paddling you wish to do, how many people will be in the boat with you, and what level of paddler you are. General purpose canoes are perfect for people who want to paddle their local lake, pond or quiet river. Though these canoes do not have the performance features of more specialized canoes, their stability and versatility make them the right choice for families and newcomers to the sport of paddling!  Most modern canoes have inherent buoyancy built in during construction; however before venturing onto the water make sure you fasten in extra buoyancy at the ends of the canoe. E.g. airbags or buoyancy blocks. They will help prevent the canoe from completely sinking if swamped or capsized and they also make emptying a water logged canoe much easier.

  1. Up next – Paddles

You should know what are the best suited paddles for you and the environment where you want to go canoeing. There are two kinds of paddles available for canoeing, one is made from wood and other is made up of Aluminum shafts that contain plastic blades. These kind of paddles are single bladed. In order to measure a paddle you have to kneel down and hold the paddle upside down just below the blade with the handle on the ground. If your arm is horizontal, the paddle is then good length. Moreover, you should always have one extra paddle with you safely secured in the canoe just in case you lose one while in the water.

  1. You should have your Buoyance aid

A buoyance aid is a PFD or a lifejacket and it is a must when you are going on a canoeing trip. Everyone that is participating in the trip should be made to wear a life jacket or any kind of buoyancy aid that will keep them out of danger.

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  1. A first aid Kit is a must

Whenever you go for any kind of outdoor activity, you must always have a first aid kit with you. This is a rule of thumb that you just cannot ignore. Make sure that you check the kit regularly and replace and used or expired supplies with new ones.

  1. A camera, of course

You do not want to let these moment go b un-captured. Secure these memories and keep a camera with you. It is a fun trip an and fun is there if you cannot capture these moments.

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