Types of Life Jackets

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Trying to buy a life jacket? Do not know which one to buy? Do not worry, this guide will help you in knowing how many types of life jackets are there and which is the best one for you. A life jacket is a very essential piece of gear that is a much have for water sports activities such as boating, fishing, etc. therefore, it is important that you have the perfect life jacket with you that is the most suited one for you.

There are five types of life jackets and they have their specific features that differ from one type to another.

Type 1 Life Jacket

Type 1 life jacket is also known as the off shore life jacket. It is that kind of life jacket that ensure the most reliable flotation and the highest amount of buoyancy. Type 1 life jackets are best suited for off shore use, this means that these life jackets can be easily used in open waters such as rough seas and also on remote location where there is no immediate rescue available. This type of life jacket is advisable for everyone who goes out in open waters alone as they provide the best safety. The only downside to type 1 life jackets is that they are a bit bulky and that makes them a it uncomfortable.

Type 2 Life Jacket

Type 2 life jackets are also called near shore buoyancy vests. They do not provide as much bouncy as type 1 vests and thus they are great to be used on calm waters when you are closer to the shore and there is good probability of rescue in case of any emergency. These are good for children because they are more comfortable and lighter than type 1 life jackets. However, the downside to these life jackets is that they cannot be used long hours and not in rough water.

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Type 3 Life Jacket

This life jackets is also known as flotation aid. This is even lighter and more comfortable than type 2 life jackets. But offer the same amount of floatation. Type 3 life jackets may not be suitable for children. However, they are very popular among adults as they provide comfort and are best for general boating.

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Type 4 PFD

Type 4 PFD is not a life jacket but it is a throw able device that can be thrown to someone who is in trouble in the water but is conscious enough to grab on to something. Type 4 PFDs come as a ring buoy a seat cushion or a horse shoe shaped buoy. They can be stored in boats and can be used in case of emergency. They are also cheaper than life jackets. However they cannot be used in rough waters.

Type 5 Life Jacket

Type 5 life jacket is a specialty use device. These types of life jackets are intended for very specific conditions and the come in the shape of a deck suit, a float coat, commercial white water vest, or a paddling vest.

These are best suited for activities such as wind surfing, kayaking, water skiing, etc.


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