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Gone are the days when pitch black of the night stopped all outdoor night adventures and people had to wait for the sun to shine again to resume their adventures. Thanks to technology that the night vision is created, now the pitch black night is no hindrance to any outdoor activity at night.

Night Vision Device, also known as NVD is a device that is more common with the military, law enforcement agencies, security agencies, surveillance. However, they are also quite popular among those that love to hunt at night, those that have a passion for wildlife observations as the nights of wildlife are a different level of amazing that just cannot be missed to witness, and for other entertainment activities.

Night Vision Device

This is one of the most useful deices and yet one of the most expensive ones too. This is because it is a perfect blend of precision and high quality. Night vision devices are a perfect addition to your toolkit of you belong to any one of the categories of people mentioned above. They are a must have device for you.

An NVD is a device that uses the image enhancement technology that captures and enhances even the slightest bit of visible or infra light, that otherwise would not be visible to the human eye, and makes your vision clear to look in the pitch dark.

This device has made it possible not only to pursue all the recreational activities at night like hunting and observations, but has also proved to be a very useful device for security and is widely used  by the military and other security agencies for various tasks.

As much useful as these devices are they are quite expensive as well. This means that other than security agencies, only those individuals buy it who have the power to buy them and who are the perfect enthusiasts to pursue their adventures.

Night vision devices at TOG

The price range of night vision devices at TOG start from as low as 850 AED and as high as 14000 AED. The price is dependent on the brand of the night vision devices as well as the quality, specifications, features and the resolution of these devices. The basic aspects of determining and judging the value of the night vision devices is their resolution. They come in resolutions of 240 x 180, 320 x 240 and 640 x 480. The best devices come in resolution 640 x 480 and these are those devices that provide the best results and are the best kind to be used by professionals such as the military where precision and high quality images are a necessity.

However, a 320 x 240 resolution device also has good results and can be very effectively used by anyone who wants to work at night such as hunting at night. This does not mean that the devices with 240 x 180 do not do the job, they are also very good devices and are best for someone that does not require too much precision and is a newbie.

All of these devices are available at TOG with various prices.

The brands available at TOG include Armasight, Yukon NVMT Spartan and Pulsar.

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