TOG service

TOG, which stand for the “The Outdoor Gear” is the one-stop shop for all your outdoor gear needs. They have a wide range of products from camping to hunting to tactical. Each product is guaranteed to be the best companion during your hunting or camping expeditions and is designed to be practical. TOG offers an extensive range of optics, outdoor, eyewear; hunting, tactical, sports, and science gear as well as miscellaneous other products to make your camping or hunting trip memorable.

At TOG – “The Outdoor Gear”, we believe that good customer service is the epitome of success and we pride ourselves on having the best customer service that the first online outdoor and sports gear website in the UAE has to offer. Our customer care is not dependent on any one task – we provide a range of customer service options to choose from.

Helpline: If you can’t find the product that you’re looking for or aren’t sure about which product to buy, if you can’t understand how the specifications differ or which product will be the best fit for you, call us up on our helpline. Our customer service representatives will gladly answer any technical questions you have and will help you figure out which product suits your needs best.

Order Tracking: TOG’s online website allows you to track your order from the moment that you have placed it. This helps alleviate some of the stress our customers have about ordering online. You don’t need to worry about your package as you can track it every step of the way – from processing to dispatch to delivery.

Returns & Exchanges: To make sure that our customers enjoy the best privileges that online shopping has to offer, TOG offers simple and easy return and exchange policies. If you want to return an item for exchange or store credit, simply send the item back to TOG and we’ll make sure you are compensated through an exchange or store credit!

Shipping Policy: The most important part of any online shopping experience is the shipping. At TOG we know how much of a hassle shipping can be, so we offer competitive shipping rates for all over the UAE.

We believe that our customers deserve the best customer care that we can offer and to that end we make sure that they are happy with their online shopping experience at TOG.

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