Survival Kit Essentials

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A survival kit is a small kit that includes all the necessary elements that can help you survive in case of any emergency. You can keep a survival kit with you anywhere. Either it is your car, or a hiking trip, or a camping trip; a survival kit is one of the necessities. However, what should you exactly put in a survival kit that makes it useable in almost every situation? This article is all about what to keep in a survival kit and how it helps you in various situations.

  1. Matches and Fire starters

Fire starters are necessary. You may want to signal for help in you are in open air or you may want to just start a fire if you are out I n the woods to keep yourself safe and warm. You can keep fire starters and matches so that they can easily come in handy if the need be.

  1. Knife

You can keep either pocket knife, a Swiss army knife, or even a fixed blade knife in your survival kit. The basic idea is to have a cutting tool. A knife in a survival kit is very necessary as they come in handy in case of any emergency.

  1. Maps and Compasses or a GPS device

You should keep a hard copy of the map of the region you are in, in your survival kit along with a compass. Or of you can, you can even keep a GPS device in it. However, with a GPS device you will have to keep check of its battery and whether it is working or not regularly even when the survival kit is not in use.

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  1. Paracord

Keep a length of 550 paracord or nay other cord of your choosing in your survival kit. A minimum of 10 or 20 feet seems reasonable for starters and for most ordinary uses such as lashing, etc.

  1. Flashlights

You should keep a flashlight, or an LED light or any kind of illumination that can come in handy when the need be. There are many kinds of flashlights available, you should make sure that you have one that has a higher power and is long lasting.

  1. Batteries

Keep some extra batteries in the survival kit so that you can use them in your gadgets such as the flashlights when and if their battery dies.

  1. Food

Always keep some dry food such as energy bars in your survival kit. Moreover, the amount of food you keep in your survival kit depends heavily upon the purpose of the kit. If you are taking it for hiking or a one day trip then just some energy bars would do. If you are making this survival kit for a longer period of time then you may want to add more food items in it/

  1. Clothing

Some extra clothing such as extra pair of socks, sweatshirts, jackets and gloves should be kept in the survival kit.

  1. First Aid Kit

Your survival kit is incomplete if you do not have a first aid kit in it.

  1. Water container

Get a water container that has a lid, such as the ones that are used for hiking. It will carry water and can also be used to boil/purify water for drinking from questionable sources.

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