Steiner Navigator Pro Series – The ultimate binoculars

Steiner Navigator Pro Series - The ultimate binoculars

Those of you that are into boating and other such recreational activities will know how important it is to have binoculars along with them. Marine binoculars are the ultimate and a must have thing to have for everyone that has a passion for marine activities. The only thing that come to mind when talking about marine binoculars is seven by fifty. What is this seven by fifty? This is te size of the marine binoculars, 7×50. This means that these binoculars have seven times the magnification and the lenses of thee binoculars are 50mm in diameter. The binoculars in review in this article are Navigator Pro series by Steiner Optics.

Steiner Optics are one of the major and the best manufacturer of marine binoculars that are absolutely perfect for pursuing any marine hobby and come with a wide range of features that make their binoculars all the more amazing.

Navigator pro series by Steiner

The Navigator pro series by Steiner are pro prism binoculars. The pro prism allows these binoculars to have a more traditional look by providing more wide spaced lenses. These wide spaced lenses provide a much greater view of the field in front.

The seven times magnification allows Navigation Pro series to be a good standard for marine binoculars providing a wide and stable image for tracking boats and other related things. Moreover, the high contrast optics of these binoculars provide bring and sharp images. Such images that enhance the natural colors and provide the best quality view.

Furthermore, these binoculars provide ease of use and the comfort that is suitable for both beginners and professionals like wise. Thus, making them an all-time favorite for both.

Marine Activities

As marine activities can be prone to jerks and water, the Navigation pro series are designed in such a way that allows them to be more water resistant and shock proof. So that no harm can come to the device and you can have a great experience every time.

It is a very difficult task to adjust the focus on a binocular when the ground beneath you is not steady and is constantly moving in a Doppler motion. The Steiner Navigation Pro series binocular have the feature to auto focus so that the vision is set according to your eye and you can have razor sharp image. Instead of hassling with the focus and trying to capture the images, the binoculars do that for you by their amazing auto focus system and making your experience more easy and enjoyable.

Moreover, these are fog proof too so that you can have images that are no distorted by fog that is created due to either heat or the cold weather. In either case, the fog will not affect the clarity of the image. The binoculars are made durable using poly carbonate with NBR long life rubber armoring so that even in the harsh conditions, no damage can be done to the device.

These Steiner Navigation Pro series are easily available at TOG. There is a wide variety of these binoculars available for you to choose from.

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