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Those of you that go on outdoor adventures such as camping, hunting, mountain climbing, etc. know what are the essential accessories that you should take along with you. There are many things that come in handy, and one of those things is an axe. Yes, an axe is one of the most important belongings you should keep with you when you go on an outdoor adventure. There are various times that an axe comes in handy.

However, a bigger question is how to but the right kind of axe. And what should be the features present in an axe that you should buy.

This article will help you find an axe that is just the right kind for you without you going into too much hustle.

It is important to know first that there are many uses of an axe at hand when you go on an outdoor adventure. You might need it for cutting, chopping, or splitting firewood for your camp fire.

The most important part of an axe is its head. To function properly, its bits must be sharpened to a keen cutting edge, that is, it should be thin enough to easily bite into the wood and also at the same time, it should be think enough to resist chipping and breaking.

Then comes the bits. Whether you would want a single bit axe or a double bit axe. A single bit axe can cut faster. This is because it comes with added weight that comes with the poll. However, a double bit axe ensures a more balanced swing and versatility. Moreover, with double bit axe, when you swing it, there is less wobble. This means that a double bit axe provides more accuracy, which in turn leads to more efficient cutting.

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When it comes to chopping, the key is control rather than just chopping the wood. And this is what you should look in your axe as well. It is one of the best kinds of axe that gives you the control and a great and balanced swing.

Another factor that you must consider while buying an axe is the weight of the head of the axe.Most puff the mean want the heaviest head of the axe. And the heaviest heads weigh around six and six and a half or even seven pounds. However, if you are a beginner with an axe, you should not get an axe whose head weighs more than five pounds. You need to first gain the experience with the axe and then dig into a heavier head.

Often, men consider that an axe’s handle should be long. This is because they think it would provide more swing. However, if you really want to control your axe, you should get one that has a shorter handle. When you have control over your axe, you can cut more efficiently into the wood.

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