How to Buy a Shovel

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There are a number of various shovel available in the market and it is a very tough decision to decide which shovel should you buy for yourself. However, before you decide to buy a shovel you should first ask yourself some basic question. This will help you a great deal in determining what sort of shovel should you buy for yourself.

Do you plan on getting the job of digging done with the shovel or scooping. Moreover, it also matters whether you want to use it in your garden or somewhere else.

  • How often do you plan on using the shovel?

If you want to use it in your garden then it should be a shovel that can be used as a daily tool.

  • What is your budget?

It may seem that a shovel is a very inexpensive item. Well, it is. However, if you want to get a good shovel, depending on your usage and needs, you may want to increase your budget to around AED 100. However, you can easily get a shovel in under AED 50. Both categories are available at TOG very easily.

  • Haw much weight can you handle?

A shovel can be heavy, therefore, if you are using it for the first time and just to move snow then you can easily do the job with a lighter shovel.

All of these questions will help you determine which shovel is best for you. Now, coming to the main part of a shovel that is the blade. There are two kinds of blades available that the shovel comes in and both blade types have their own uses.

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Square Point Blade

If you want to use a shovel that should do the perfect job of scraping up soil, debris, gravel, sawdust, etc. then you should get a round point blade shovel. These are ideal for such work as they very easily allow you to pile up soil.

Round Point Blade

However, if you want to use your shovel for the more generic purposes such as, digging and planting, then you should go for the round point bladed shovel. The round point blade make the job of digging very easy and it the best suited blade this kind of job.

After deciding on the type of blade you want to get for your shovel, the next thing to consider is the handle of the shovel. You should get a long handle with the correct thickness for your hands. A long handle gives you maximum support, whereas, a short handle leads to inefficient shoveling. The strength of the shovel lies in its handle and the blade. Moreover, if the handle of the shovel is thicker it will be heavier too. Therefore, make sure that it is easier for you to lift it.

A shovel is a very useful tool if you buy the right kind. It proves to be a very long lasting tool too. There are multiple shovels available at TOG for you choose from that will make your work easier.

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