Why should you get Self Focusing Binoculars

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Self focusing binoculars are very commonly misinterpreted as auto focus binoculars. However, it should be kept in mind that self focusing binoculars are very different from auto focus binoculars. The more appropriate name for self focusing binoculars is fixed focus binoculars. This is because these binoculars do not self focus or auto focus at all, whereas, they are designed in such a manner that makes them permanent focus binoculars that have no focusing mechanism and have been designed with a wide, fixed depth of field from a reasonably close distance, that is usually around 40 feet to infinity. This means that these binoculars have a very large hyper-focal distance.

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In order for these binoculars to work this way, they are designed in the factory to focus on a distant object and their optics use your eyes’ natural ability to focus. In order to set a fixed focus binocular for your eyesight, you just have to adjust the diopter of each eyepiece to your vision and no further adjustments are required after that. However, if someone else uses the binoculars who has a different strength of his/her eyesight then the adjustments would be made according to their eyesight.

There are many benefits of self focusing or fixed focus binoculars that make them your number one option for either bird watching or boating.

One of the biggest advantages of fixed focus binoculars is that they are inexpensive as compared to other binoculars. This is because there is a very less amount of moving parts on the binocular and that makes it manufacturing cost very low, hence low priced binoculars. Moreover, these are the best binoculars to be used in harsh and rough conditions as they also come in waterproof and dustproof models and thus they are very popular outdoor gear among the military and marines.

They are also easier to use and are quicker than other binoculars as you do not need to adjust them every time. Once adjusted according to your eyesight, you can use them very conveniently every time on the same settings and no further focusing is necessary anymore. This makes them the perfect binoculars for fast moving erratic objects. Thus, they are the idea choice of binoculars to take on your bird watching trips.

Moreover, the lack of focusing wheel makes these binoculars less fiddly and thus they are great to use even if you are wearing thick gloves. This makes them ideal to be used in cold and harsh environments and they make the ideal skiing binoculars and are also very useful for the marines to use in rough environments.

Their ease of use is their biggest advantage. However, there are some disadvantages attached to self focus binoculars but the fact that they are easy to use and are very budget friendly make them the ideal choice of many people.

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