Gadgets to have on Camping Trips

cool camping gadgets

Twenty years ago from today, camping meant that you take a camp, a sleeping bag, some clothes, a first aid kit and some cooking utensils and you were goo to go and enjoy some days at your favorite camping site. However, times have changed and so the necessities that one should take with him/herself to camping have also changed. In this digital age, we have to take care of our gadgets too. This article talks about what gadgets you should have with you when you go camping so that you can have all the necessary equipment with you when you go camping.

  1. Smartphone case

There are many smartphone cases available that are specially built for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. These cases are a great help as they keep your smartphone protected from the harsh and rough environment. Some of them are also water proof which means that you do not have to worry about unexpected downpours. Some also feature a built in battery so that you phone remains charged for a long time for you to use very conveniently.

  1. Portable charger

Portable chargers or power banks are very essential camping gadgets. With portable chargers you do not have to worry about your smartphones or tablets getting their battery drained and you not finding any power source to charge them. It is advised that where ever you go, especially if it is a camping trip, you should take high power portable power source so that you can have a long battery life of your gadgets.

  1. GPS

You can rely on your smartphone for GPS. However, it drains the battery very quickly. Therefore, it is better if you take portable GPS device with you so that when you go hiking or trekking you do not get lost on your way. It is better than keeping a paper map, because GPS devices let you mark your locations and you can never get lost with a GPS device.

  1. Headlamp

Have you ever felt that carrying a torch or a flashlight is too much stuff on your hands to carry? Well, worry not, take a headlamp instead. Wear it in your head and you can go exploring at night without have to take care of a flash light.

  1. Solar charger

There are various portable solar chargers available too, however, what happens when these portable chargers drain out.

solar power charger

How will you find a power source for these drained portable chargers? In such a case, it is better if you take a solar charger with you. In this way, you will not have to worry about charging the portable chargers.

  1. Portable Speakers

Entertainment is a must. You cannot carry your whole music system with you. However, you can use your phone to play the best music that you have. All it needs is good portable speakers to have with you. Bringing a set of portable speakers that are compatible with your smartphone is the best idea to have some music and entertainment on your camping trip.

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