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Best of Dakota Watches

Wristwatches are a must for any individual – more important for students and busy professionals, even in this day and age of the smart phones. There something classy about a person who wears a timepiece on their wrists rather than someone who relies solely on their cellular phone to tell the time. Wristwatches add to the debonair aura of anyone who wears them and that is particularly why their importance hasn’t waned over time. If anything has happened, it’s that their allure has increased over time. And when you’re talking about classy wristwatches, it is only fair to mention Dakota wristwatches – one of the more prominent and high end brands in the world of wearable timepieces.

Dakota, a reputed name among American watches, boasts of its cutting-edge design and the best quality components put together with excellent craftsmanship. Dakota Watches has been dedicated to producing quality timepieces since 1945.With over seventy years of watch experience, they have learned that their customers want a watch that incorporates expressive design, the best quality components, a purchase price that is not purposely inflated, a substantial guarantee and if necessary, quick and easy service after the sale.

Their design team has developed unmatched expertise in creative watch production. For several generations, they have designed high leading edge timepieces with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. Their styles are a unique expression of today’s desire for multipurpose use. From rugged sports, to elegant dress, to the latest digitals functions, they try to deliver whatever you are looking for and then some. Choice of watch bands and jewelry is also vast, with steel, leather, rubber, and copper to choose from.

Not only this, Dakota also markets knife clips, digital clips, pocket watches and clocks, key chains & tools.

If you’re looking for premium timepieces by Dakota Watches, you need not look any further. You can find a vast range of them at TOG – The Outdoor Gear, which is UAE’s first and largest online store for outdoor and sports accessories and gear. You can find a complete range of Dakota watches, watch bands, jewelry, and more at TOG. There is a range of kids’ watches, sports watches, every day wear wristwatches, and even clip watches for more specific use.

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