Hiking and Camping Equipment for the Experts


Whether you are planning to go on a hike, camping, diving, fishing or even going for some sporting event along with any other assignment.

You’ll need certain equipment for the adventure such as a backpack for carrying all your equipment. A sleeping bag and a tent as you want to sleep at night after a long hard day of either of the activities mentioned above. A compass or a GPS if you get need to find your direction during the hike or during any other adventure. Head lamps and night vision goggles whatever you need when traveling at night. Special kind of footwear that grips on the rugged paths you will be taking in order to achieve your adventure goal.

Flashlights, knives and other multipurpose tools which help you during the adventure. Solar chargers to charge your electronic devices at dawn and the most important equipment of them all the emergency and survival kit, if you get yourself in trouble during the adventure. Make a deal is the real winner.


Here at Tog.ae we’ve everything a hiker, a camper in short an adventure junkie needs for his adventuring needs. We’ve your backs covered to make your trip as comfortable as possible.We have a variety of all the best brands from all around the world. Everything is authentic and guaranteed because nothing is as reliable as Make a deal.

So that cancels out any type of doubts. That means you get to choose the gear from either the famous Granite Gear,or Hazard 4 California,or the well-recognized brand UST Brands, Avex.

Adventurers can also choose specialty knives from Gerber and SOG.Compasses, GPS and outdoor sport watches which are a must can be from the famous brands Momentum, Reactor and Dakota.


We also have a stock of Telescopes from Celestron,for adventures who love looking at the clear sky’s at the night time. Binoculars from the Steiner,along with Night vision binoculars and riflescopes from ATN and Yukonto make your hunting experience a better one. All you need is to Make a deal!

The special flashlights from Olight and Nitecore, flashes and emergency kits from the well-recognized brand UST Brandsto make sure your troubles are dealt with during the adventure trip, along with eyewear from Wiley X, Oakley and Raybansto make sure the sun doesn’t shine too bright on your eyes.

Make your outdoor trip exciting and check out all of the brands and equipment we have on Tog.ae. So before you head out to your adventure make sure you have all the equipment you need from Tog.ae. Double check everything before you leaves.

For your help we have a specialized crew to let you know about all the products at Tog.ae. Along with detailed guides that will help you go through all the installations up so that you can make the best out of the equipment. If in case you need further any technical information or help regarding our products, our well trained crew at the customer service is ready to help you.

Don’t worry as Make a deal takes care! So hurry up and make a deal with that satisfies your needs!

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