Camping and Hiking Gear

Camping & Hiking Gear

At TOG, we deal in all things related to outdoor activities. We understand that there is a huge number of individuals out there who like to run away from the world into the wilderness to get some distance and perspective but why go away without taking with you some of the latest technology and gear along? At TOG, we help you find the best tools for your expedition and make sure that your adventure is as grand as you hoped it would be.

For everything from camping to hiking, you can find a tool that works specifically for you. Whatever is on your camping checklist, we at TOG can help. A tent, compass, GPS, solar charger, tent, sleeping bag, lamp, knives, flashlight – anything that you can name, we have you covered.

The Outdoor Gear

TOG, which stands for “The Outdoor Gear”, is fully equipped to handle all your outdoor needs as the name implies. TOG brings in the latest technology and gear from some of the best brands in the world to make sure that you, our customer, get nothing but the best for your excursion. Each product is picked based on efficiency and practicality, and is guaranteed to be the latest technology available on the market.

If you’re looking for glasses, we have a wide range of them from brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley. If you’re looking for sport watches, we have the best pieces by Dakota, Momentum and Reactor. If it is flashlights you want, we have some of the latest technology by Nitecore and Olight. These are some of the best names in outdoor gear and we have them all at TOG.

Camping and Hunting gear

In some situations camping and hunting gear might be the only thing that makes a difference between life and death, which is why we take selection of gear very seriously. On our website, which is the first online outdoor equipment and gear store in the UAE, you will find that shopping is a fun and easy experience. We make sure that using the search option and the filters allows you to find the product which is perfect for you and fits all your outdoor needs to a tee. Every one of our customers is special to us because of their love for the outdoors and their will to explore it. We take great pride in providing our customers with the kind of gear which will make their trip all the more memorable.

Be it camping, hunting, fishing, survival – we have everything that will need in the great outdoors. It is no easy task leaving the comfort of your home and we make sure that you can take with you some form of comfort in the form of high-quality, durable, practical outdoor gear. From items as basic as BBQ tongs and thermal mugs to special-purpose items such as night-vision goggles and rifle scopes, from tents to emergency first aid and survival kits you can find everything under one roof at TOG.

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