Buy Rifle Scopes UAE

Buy Rifle Scopes UAE

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Rifle scopes are the most valuable companion for any weapon – rifle, shotgun or handgun. These days, firearm aficionados use some kind of scope or optical sighting device as an attachment to their weapons to enhance accuracy. It is easy to understand why this is so. Rifle scopes or optical sighting devices eliminate a lot of the complexity that goes into aligning iron sights. Most scopes and optical sighting devices also magnify objects, which makes the target appear closer and easier to see. Rifle scopes allow you to place a more precise shot on your target – ensuring damage. Not only this, with clear, sharp glass that offers unsurpassed light transmission and optical clarity, adjustable zoom levels that allow for targeting over a wide range and bigger lenses that capture more light, you get a bigger, clearer picture.

Rifle scopes

Rifle scopes are especially essential for long distance shooting when visibility can be poor, the terrain may be different and the target may be at a different elevation, the bullet will drop as it goes, the wind will push it away, etc. A good riflescope that comes with dot-calibrated crosshairs allows for precise adjustments in the way the weapons held to account for each of these factors, so the bullet lands exactly where it is meant to land.

Before buying a riflescope though, it is good to understand a few basics. The most important thing to understand is the numbers. If a rifle scope has specifications written close to it and they read 4-24×44, here’s what it means:

  • The 4 means four power or 4 xs – which implies that the image you see through the scope is 4 times magnified.
  • The 24 means 24 powers – which imply that the image appears 24 times closer as compared to how it appears to your naked eye.
  • The hyphen (-) between the 4 and 24 means that the magnification of the rifle scope can vary from 4 to 24.
  • The 44 is the diameter of the objective lens of the rifle scope measured in millimeters.

These numbers make so much more sense when you know what they mean especially since they define the price of the rifle scope. The larger the magnification range, the more the price. But larger magnification ranges give a more versatile view.

TOG offers a range of high end rifle scopes that have different magnification ranges – and they all come from the best brands in the rifle scope market globally.

Head over to TOG and find the perfect riflescope for yourself.


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