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Those of you that play golf or are into hunting know the importance of range finders. Range finders are also a very useful gadget for surveying purposes. However, if you are a sporty person and love to play golf or if you are a very enthusiastic hunter then you should have a range finder among the rest of the necessary equipment that you take with you to your golf or hunting games.

This article will tell you how you can buy a range finder and what to look for when buying one.

Let us start with the priority differences of range finders. There are two priority difference range finders and both a suitable for their specific uses. If you are a golfer then the best priority difference range finder for you is the first priority range finder. This is because a first priority rang finder reads the first object in its line of view and ignores any objects further than the first object. This makes it best for golfing. This is because generally, there is nothing between a golfer and the flag, thus the range reading that they want is between them and the flag and thus, a first priority range finder helps them in providing the accurate distance reading towards their flag.

Range of your target

On the contrary, a second priority range finder ignores the first object and sees past it to a more distant object. Thus, the second priority range finder is best suitable for hunters. This is because in hunting, the target or the object is usually hidden behind any object such as a bush or a tree. Therefore, a second priority range finder is the best option for hunting purposes as it tells the exact range of your target.

However, it is not as if you can only use a first priority range finder for golfing and a second priority range finder for hunting purposes. You can use both priority differences for both the tasks. However, the accuracy and the ease of use that each provide for their specific purpose will be best attained if they are used according to the task they are designed for.

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The second important feature to look for while purchasing a range finder is the distance that it can cover. However, you have to keep in mind that the more distance it covers, the more expensive that range finder would be. Moreover, you should also lessen hundred or two hundred yards from the distance the range finder is said to cover. This is because if you find a range finder that is labelled to cover a distance of 15oo yards, then it only can cover such distance in ideal conditions when there is less pollution, no rain or snow and no heavy objects in the way.

With these things in mind you will be able to buy the best kind of range finder for yourself. There is a huge variety of the best quality range finders available at TOG for you to choose from.

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