Benefits of Pocket Projector

Pocket Projector

All of us are familiar with projectors and many of us have used it too. Either at home or at office while delivering a presentation. Projectors are big devices that display images and videos on a fixed screen. You have to mount a projector and place it at an angle where it displays the image straight on the screen. However, these full sized projectors cannot be taken from one place to another. These are static devices, once fixed somewhere, you cannot take them here and there as you need.

Portable Projectors

In order to save the day, mini projectors, also known as portable projectors or pocket projectors came into existence. The idea behind pocket projectors is that they are handy and portable. Therefore, this makes them your best companion to take them anywhere you want.

Suppose that you are going on a camping trip and you want to watch a movie with your whole gang, a projector can be a good idea for this purpose. However, if you think you can take your regular sized projector with you, you may want to think again. The disadvantage of a regular or full sized projector is that you will have to look for a power source and an extension cord so that you can actually use the projector. Whereas, with a portable projector you do not have to worry about electricity, power source or any sort of extension cords. This is because portable projectors come with built in, rechargeable battery. It does not matter if you have a power source or not, as long as you have the battery charged of the pocket projector, you can use it anywhere you go.

Moreover, the fact that a portable projector does not take much space makes it more awesome. You can easily fit it in your pocket. That makes them light weight too. With a full projector, you have to make some space for your projector and it is heavier to. Whereas, with a pocket projector, you do not have to make extra space in your luggage to take it anywhere, it easily fits in your pocket.

Benefit of a pocket projector

One other benefit of a pocket projector is that it is very economical. You can easily get a good pocket projector in half the price you would pay for a full sized projector. This means that you do not have to worry about allocating a large portion of your budget on a pocket projector. Just as its size is pocket friendly, its cost is also pocket friendly too.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about changing the lamp of a pocket projector very often. This is pocket projectors come with a very long lasting lamp life that go to being more than thirty thousand hours.

There are some drawbacks related to pocket projectors too, however, with the portability and the economic friendliness that they offer these drawbacks can often be overlooked very easily.

If you are working on a budget and want to buy a projector that you can take anywhere with you then a pocket projector is the best option for you.

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